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9 Best Desk Organization Ideas of 2023

Review the nine top office desk organization ideas of 2023 and discover how to make your workspace more conducive to productivity.

Your workspace (and desk space) deserves an upgrade, and we’re here to help you find the gaps in your organization plan. The year is 2023, so let's declutter your desk, organize those cables, and find the right office supplies organizers.

1. Use a File Cabinet That Matches Your Aesthetic


Filing cabinets in your home office must be functional and hardy, but they certainly don’t need to be boring or aesthetically uninspired. The Small Filing Cabinet has stellar looks, perfect for the modern office, and it’s compact enough to stow comfortably under most desks.

This model has locking wheels for easy maneuverability and has two drawers: one for your standard-size files and another for anything else you need to stow away and keep safe. The top drawer comes with a lock and set of keys for an extra layer of security in the home or corporate office space.

Beyond a sleek appearance, the Small Filing Cabinet offers unparalleled quality, exceeding the BIFMA commercial use standards to last you a lifetime.

2. Declutter Your Cables With an Organizer


Keep your workspace neat and tidy by organizing your cables and tucking them away to prevent the possibility of tripping on a loose cord.

One of our favorite office essentials is the In-Desk Power enclosure. A decluttering essential, it keeps cords out of the way while allowing you to make the most of your workstation. The recessed charger has five AC outlets and two USB ports. It integrates into any of our tables or standing desks. Every time you need to plug or unplug something, your cables are waiting right in front of you.

If you need a power strip within arm’s reach, the Freestanding Power is an excellent option for those who need immediate access to power plugs. In six gorgeous colors (with two cord color choices), it’s stylish enough to work with your existing work-from-homeinterior design setup.

3. Maintain an Organized Desk Using Stylish Caddies


The Desk Caddy is everything you need from a storage box. The larger compartments can organize notepads or serve as magazine holders. The smaller boxes are optimal for storing paper clips, pens, or even a mini stapler.

This storage solution is capable of being mobile at a moment's notice. Simply pick up your work supplies and head from your cubicle to the conference or the kitchen to your home office. It will be right at home in either the office or your home desk setup.

The design is inspired by traditional toolboxes and features a solid white oak handle that compliments the powder-coated aluminum construction. It brings an understated elegance and industrial touch to any space.

4. Use a Desk Mat To Provide a Smooth Work Surface


If you’re familiar with the regular mouse pads that tend to be too small or perhaps fray at the edges, you need the Desk Mat. It doesn’t only provide a surface for your keyboard and mouse — it’s also a desk organizer.

The Orbietkey Desk Mat has a rounded bar perfect for storing a pen or pencil, and the magnetic cable holder keeps a charging cable organized but still accessible. For a unique take on desk storage, the secret compartment between the two layers of the mat acts as a discreet place for a note or document.

This desk mat has a sleek surface for easy and smooth mouse movement. It’s also water-resistant and can be wiped down quickly. Made from durable vegan leather, this mat is long-lasting and remarkably reliable.

Besides working extremely well with a mouse and keyboard, it's also great for writing; it’s not too soft to the point of penetrating paper. The Desk Mat comes in two beautiful colors: Black and Stone.

5. Switch to Wireless Charging


Instead of having loose cables lying around and dangling everywhere, rely on the Wireless Charging Pad by Native Union to charge your phone and wireless earbuds simultaneously.

Not only does it charge two electronics at up to 10W wirelessly, but you can also plug an extra USB cable at the back of the pad to charge a third device like an Apple Watch. It comes with a 6.5-foot power cable and AC adapter.

The Wireless Charging Dock is ideal for those who want to display their phones upright to make video calls and see notifications at a glance. At just over seven inches wide, this powerful charger takes up minimal desk real estate and can be easily tucked in a desk drawer when not needed.

6. Try a Minimalist Desktop Organizer

The Desktop Organizer pairs exceptionally well with the Desk Caddy, providing an aesthetically pleasing way to organize items like pens, keys, Post-Its notes, and more. Like the Desk Caddy, this desk accessory is made from white oak and powder-coated steel for a blend of natural charm and artful metalwork.

This organizer will help keep your desk or workspace free of loose supplies and knick-knacks, and the materials ensure that this desktop must-have will last a lifetime.

7. Move the Knick-Knacks

One of the biggest trends of the 2010s was minimalism, which is still going strong today. The basic idea was to reduce the number of things you have to the essentials that actually bring value to your life.

In the office environment, minimalists keep their workspace decor simple, focusing on function. The idea was that you'd benefit from improved concentration and productivity with an office environment furnished almost entirely with essentials and none of the extras.

Your desk is like a canvas; the last thing you want when walking into the office on a Monday morning is a canvas covered in spots. Knick-knacks can get in the way of conquering your to-do list.

For example, maybe you have some personal items and desk toys to keep you company during the workday. Family pictures on a bulletin board or a motivational quote on the wall take up otherwise empty space and serve to inspire.

However, maybe desk toys or accessories are encroaching on your already small space and getting in the way. You don’t need to get rid of the things that bring you joy, but perhaps moving the mason jar full of seashells or a stress ball to another place might clear your mind — and your desk. Try putting these knick-knacks on a nearby bookshelf or floating shelves. Maximizing your vertical space will free up the desk storage space you need.

8. Use a Monitor Arm


The monitor stand has been the go-to for decades, but unfortunately, these stands tend to take up precious desk space. To keep the desk area free for chargers and writing supplies, opt for a monitor arm.

Our Monitor Arm is made from aluminum, can pivot on three axes, and support a single or double monitor configuration. It has a weight capacity of four to 20 pounds and works with monitors 14 to 32 inches. It leaves your desk open for critical tasks while allowing you to enjoy fully customizable views for video calls, typing, or even gaming at the end of a long day.

9. Rely On a Credenza


The Credenza takes the technicalities of office organization to a more artistic space. Tuck away your paper clutter and loose ends behind the cabinet door (which can be on the left or right side).

Its both impact and water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about dropping any drinks on it. Our Credenza pairs well with either the regular desk or a standing desk to make an L-table to boost your workable surface area.

It’s perfect if you need extra storage for office incidentals and things that couldn’t fit into a smaller filing cabinet. The open shelving allows for easy access to important items. For instance, slide a stackable paper tray in that area. To make it even easier, try storing your papers in a color-coded system.

Make 2023 Your Most Productive Year Yet

You deserve a desk setup that works for you. The right tools and accessories can help you make your workday a lot more productive and less stressful.

Don’t follow anybody else's exact workspace setup; you are a unique person with your own unique work style. You should be tailoring your office and desk for your specific needs and type of work — the game developer has different desk needs than the stockbroker, for instance.

Trial and error can help you find a system that works best for you, but hopefully, our organization tips will give you a head start in creating the perfect office.



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