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7 Gaming Desk Setup Ideas in 2023

Is your gaming desk setup working for you or against you? Review seven easy ways to enhance your setup for 2023 with this guide.

Do you spend significant time at a desk? Whether you’re a casual or avid gamer, most would agree that there is nothing worse than spending a portion of your day at a desk that feels overcrowded and uncomfortable.

Many gamers feel that their gaming desk setup is impractical and doesn’t properly utilize their space. Perhaps your gaming setup may be unorganized or simply uncomfortable. Whatever your woes, spending any significant amount of time at a desk can make you quickly realize the importance of prioritizing functionality and comfort.

When it comes to gaming stations, there are plenty of things you can implement to make both practical and aesthetic changes to your setup. Your gaming desk setup should be a place that you want to spend time at and reflects your personal style and preferences. However, with so many options and accessories out there, you might want some guidance in finding your perfect match.

How To Make Your Gaming Desk Setup Better: 7 Ideas

While everyone has different needs and tastes that help inform what the perfect gaming station would be for them, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to consider when picking out the essentials. This is a list of recommendations, not rules — everyone has unique preferences!

minimal desk gaming setup

1. Go Minimalist

Minimalism has its sleek roots in the 20th century, emerging as a response to Victorian and Abstract motifs. It combines Japanese and Scandinavian design techniques in a “less is more” style.

Minimalism design focuses on functionality, clean lines, and soothing color palettes. Minimalist spaces favor intentional unfilled space over tchotchkes and natural light over artificial sources.

If you favor a minimalist space to work or game, prioritize organizational features, a simple desk, and minimal accent pieces.

2. Embrace Ergonomic Furniture

Whether you like the classic gaming racing-style chairs or fashionable and well-designed office chairs, it’s no secret that a quality chair can make or break a gaming setup. Prioritizing ergonomic features can help eliminate body aches that result from years of non-optimal posture when at rest.

Due to sitting in a chair for prolonged periods, finding the ultimate gaming chair to support healthy posture and reduce body aches is critical. When deciding, you may want to purchase an office chair that supports your lower back, reduces strain by having rolling or swiveling maneuvers, and allows your feet and arms to be in the correct positions.

For the optimal position, the knees should be at a 90-degree right angle and the same level as the hips, with the feet flat against the floor. The elbows should be between a 90 and 100-degree angle as well, resting comfortably on the desk. Monitors should be at eye level and the back and shoulders in a neutral, relaxed position.

The Ergonomic Chair is worthy of any battle station (or CEO’s office). It has breathable, double-layered mesh, high-density cushion supports, and eight customization points. It can support over eight hours of playing your favorite video game or attending eight hours of VIP client meetings.

For some gamers, choosing the perfect mouse and keyboard setup is a decision based on style. Options range from light-up, flashy keyboards to stylized-font vintage keyboards.

Still, for others, the mouse and gaming keyboard setup is purely ergonomic and has everything to do with positioning, sizing, and placement that will help them be most effective. Wrist support from a cushioned cloth mouse pad or a tilted keyboard is critical. Keeping your wrist and forearm at the proper angle can help eliminate strain, pain, and aches.

3. Organize Your Cables

Cable management is another major feature of an ideal gaming desk setup. A wide variety of cable routing and management options exist, with a vast selection of cable hiding boxes, sleeves, and ties.

Gadgets like the Wireless Cord Charger allow you to get the most out of your space and avoid loose cords hanging about. It charges up to two devices at once with the added protection of non-slip silicone tread, thermal protection, and foreign object detection.

Finding an organized cord setup allows the space to be simple and visually pleasing to the eye. It also helps manage tripping hazards and improve the overall vibe of your gaming station. If your gaming room pulls double duty as a workspace, you’ll want your desk space to stay uncluttered; a neat desk is a mental health boost.

The Harvard Business Review revealed that workers lose up to two hours a week looking for papers in a cluttered space. Not only that, but chaotic desks contribute to stress, a decrease in productivity, and negatively affect interpersonal relationships.

4. Refine Your Aesthetic

Aesthetics goes far beyond minimalism and maximalism; it also comes down to lighting and audio design.

Although lighting is not everything, it does play a significant role in the immersion and aesthetic experience of any gamer. Whether you line your desk with color-changing RGB light strips, utilize lighted PC or keyboard components, or a simple floor or desk lamp, the lighting setup influences your desired ambiance and adds to your overall aesthetic.

Music and audio are huge aspects of the gaming experience, and how you incorporate the technology for these is also a design concern. For a more elevated gaming desk setup, invest in accessories that enhance your audio experience.

Sure built-in monitor speakers are fine, but many gamers find that their ideal gaming station should include quality speakers or headphones. Furthermore, prioritizing a gaming headset with a higher-end microphone is another way to bring video games to life. You’ll want to keep these organized to meet your interior design scheme; store gear in a Desk Caddy or even a Small Filing Cabinet to keep your place neat.

branch gaming setup

5. Store Your Games and Gear in a Credenza

A core tenet of minimalism is to minimize clutter whenever possible. As you brainstorm and plan for your ideal setup, something to keep in mind is that there are many creative solutions to storing your games, accessories, and additional consoles.

Keep everything you need in an attractive storage unit like the Credenza. This Credenza comes in three colorways — woodgrain, walnut, and white to accommodate any space. With three drawers, locking capabilities, and the ability to switch between right and left cabinet orientation, you can modify this cabinet to fit your needs.

6. Mount Your Monitor

Monitors are the next accessory needed for any gaming setup. Figuring out the size of your monitor and the most innovative monitor placement is key to finding the display that works for you.

Many people choose to use a dual-monitor setup that allows for increased screen real estate and more freedom and flexibility as far as display options. Other people mount their displays on the wall to free up desk space.

Tools like the Monitor Arm works with all VESA monitors and has a weight capacity of up to 20 pounds. It has a sleek, minimalist style and comes with built-in clips that organize cords and wires.

Monitors should be slightly below eye level and straight in front of you to eliminate strain on your neck and eyes — height-adjustable monitor stands come in clutch here.

7. Try a Standing Gaming Setup

A gaming desk is the centerpiece of an effective gaming station. Whether your desk is wooden and mid-century modern or metal and sleek, it is arguably the most crucial part of your setup.

Considering the material and design of the desk is an integral part of the decision-making process. From there, deciding on the size of the desk and the amount of surface space needed to accommodate your setup should be the next thing to think about. Regardless of your go-to design features, standing desks can be stylish and supportive.

Studies have shown that standing desks can help lower blood sugar levels, heart disease, and back pain. If you’re spending a significant amount of time at your gaming desk, this is definitely a feature to consider.

What Are the Most Important Features in a Gaming Setup?

Preferences for audio accessory setup, display placement, and mouse and keyboard positioning may differ from gamer to gamer; there are a few universal features that every person should be on the lookout for when it comes to picking out the best gaming desk.

Accessibility and Flexibility

When looking for a gaming desk, accessibility and flexibility are critical aspects of comfort. Many gamers experience physical aches and pains from staying in the same position too long. Prioritizing a standing desk or an adjustable desk gives you the freedom to switch between different positions to prioritize comfort and functionality.


Not all gaming desks have to look the same. When many people think of gaming desk setups, they imagine black, sleek, tricked-out desks with flashing LED lights. If this is something that you’re into, then all the power to you!

But many gamers or their family members voice that this style does not match their space or resonate with their personal aesthetic. Luckily, there are so many other gaming desk options available. Some are mid-century modern and wooden, while others are subtle and minimalistic. Whatever your style is, there are plenty of options out there.

If you are lucky enough to have a designated room for an office, then the opportunities are endless as far as setting up your dream gaming station. Having a home office space allows you to fully explore the range of quality gaming desks that come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a standing desk, an L-shaped desk, or a conventional office desk, a home office can express your ideal aesthetic and style.

Space and Storage

Another factor to keep in mind when picking out a gaming desk is space and storage. Take inventory of the size of the desk you need based on your physical room space, along with the size of the desk needed for your specific monitor setup.

If you have the physical space to accommodate an L-Shaped Desk, this type of desk can be a great solution for CPU storage and extra surface space for surround sound and accessories.

Many gamers find that the optimal space to set up a gaming station in their home is in whatever room accommodates the space the best! With a suitable desk, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own little corner that still works with your common living space.

There are plenty of gaming desks that are stylish, so even if your station is in a living room or a bedroom, it still flows well with the room and doesn’t aesthetically look out of place.

Helpful Accessories

Let’s be real: ideal gamer setups aren’t complete without some bells and whistles. A cup holder, a hook for a headset, or a system for cable management are all features that can streamline your day.

Whether eliminating the chaos of multiple cables with a wireless charging dock or adding a ring, it’s essential to find a desk with room for all your must-haves. A proper gaming setup should help in protecting your accessories and keep them in good working condition.

Take Gaming Sessions to the Next Level

With these simple tips and tricks, you’re already on your way to maximizing your gaming station setup. Prioritizing comfort and functionality in a gaming space can have profound health impacts, whether by securing an adjustable desk or a more ergonomic office chair.

Gaming setups do not have to be limited by physical space, and there are plenty of impressive and exciting ways to make the most out of your setup in the coming year. By making more effective use of their space and knowing what products to prioritize, gamers have the opportunity to engage in more profound comfortability or personalization which can significantly enhance their gaming experience.



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