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Branch believes in making great office furniture products which stand the test of time. The Branch Warranty provides two (2) to ten (10) years of warranty protection on new products purchased from Branch, except in certain instances, as indicated in our full policy. All warranty periods begin from the date of delivery. Make sure to activate your warranty within seven days by following the instructions included with your product or by clicking here.

Need to file a warranty claim? Connect directly with our support team via this quick form, showing us the problem and we'll get back to you with a proposed solution!


The warranty

Our furniture is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, but things happen. We’ll happily replace furniture which malfunctions. Some of our furniture is covered for ten years, or nearly twice the length of a typical office lease.

Warranty coverage is applicable only within the continental United States and Canada; any product being used outside of these regions is excluded from our warranty. If you use a third party service to deliver items outside of the continental US or Canada, all Branch Warranty policies will be void. The same is true if you purchase your items from third party sellers, or marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Our warranty policy applies to original customer transactions from Branch and Branch-authorized resellers with proof of purchase and is non-transferable; you will need to contact the seller in these cases.

The warranty is void if original parts are swapped out or if third-party products are used in conjunction with the original product.

What’s not covered by the warranty

  • Variations in finish and color of the surfaces, including but not limited to, the color change caused by direct exposure to light/sunlight, temperature variation at your surface or aging;
  • Discoloration of materials caused by stains, soiling, inks, or dyes;
  • Damage caused by any non-standard office activities;
  • Damage caused by writing instruments or sharp objects;
  • Damage resulting from an abusive usage of the product;
  • Failure resulting from normal wear and tear;
  • Textile pilling;
  • Natural wood grain variations;
  • Damage caused by loading furniture above its weight capacity;
  • Damage caused by improper installation, except where installation was completed by Branch or a Branch authorized installation partner;
  • Items that have been exposed to non-office environments (e.g. warehouse or outdoor exposure).
  • All conditions resulting from the use of a cleaning chemical (alcohol, detergent, etc.) that damages the finish.

Warranty length exceptions

  • Ergonomic Chair, Verve Chair: 7 year parts and components warranty
  • Bistro Chair, Daily Chair, Softside Chair, Guest Chair, Task Chair: 5 year parts and components warranty
  • Elevate Chair: limited lifetime warranty from Eurotech. See here for details
  • Fabrics (all furniture): 3 year warranty
  • Standing Desk: 3 years if purchased prior to January 1st, 2023
  • Duo Standing Desk and Duo accessories, Daily Desk: 10 year warranty
  • Cafe Chair: 2 year warranty
  • Oppo Lounge Chair, Privacy Sofa, Focal Sofa, Modular Sofa, Modular Sofa Unit: 10 year warranty
  • Panels and space division: 2 year warranty
  • Accessories and Peripherals: 1 year warranty
  • Monitor Arm: 2 year warranty
  • Verve Headrest: 7 year warranty