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Design Values

Our Design Values define the set of qualities that make our products "Branch." These values have guided our team in creating work products used by 350,000+ people in home and corporate offices around North America.

Our values represent both a commitment and an aspiration. For each Design Value, we include examples from our current product line as well as a taste of our future roadmap.


Everyone deserves incredible work products

Great office furniture usually costs an arm and a leg. We create contract-grade work products that don't break the bank.

How We Do It: We cut out furniture dealers and sell direct to you, prioritizing simple and modular design over endless customization. We invest the most attention (and effort) in the parts of the product that you interact with most. 

Our award-winning Standing Desk


Your workspace should have your back

When you spend eight hours a day at work, your desk and chair need to help you feel good, not just look good. Our products support posture, movement and productivity.

How We Do It: Products like our Ergonomic Chair offer exceptional adjustability across a broad range of customers. Everyone is different, so we offer options, tools, and live consults to match you with the right product for your body and work style.

We're continuously working on products that improve fit, comfort, and the many interactions between you and your workspace.

Our Ergonomic Chair has eight points of adjustment


Furniture that supports you and the world

We strive to incorporate sustainable principles into our product life cycle, and offset in areas where we can’t.

How We Do It: Our products are built for durability and repairability to provide a long and productive life. Our Flex program lets corporate customers return furniture for a second use. We offset shipping emissions, and work with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees each holiday season.

We're actively exploring improvements in our single-use packaging and more circularity across our supply chain.

We've planted over 100,000 trees to date


Your workspace should adapt to your needs

Whether you're furnishing a home office in a studio or a growing team office in a commercial building, our products are designed to work together and change with you.

How We Do It: We use consistent sizes and materials across our products to support endless configurations. Product assembly is a breeze, and we offer many corporate customers the ability to trade-in current Branch furniture as needs change.

Our Verve Chair takes 20 minutes to assemble


Form and function both matter

Your office should be more than a place to work. It's your professional oasis, a foundation for clear thinking and inspired doing. We make durable, beautiful and effortless products that inspire your best work.

How We Do It: With a balance of performance, style and value, our products have received rave reviews and awards from Design Milk, WIRED, Architectural Digest, Gear Patrol, The Strategist, Esquire and more. Next, we're expanding our line with new colorways, variants and accessories.

We continue to add new colors and options across our products

As a growing brand with big plans to change the world of work, we want your thoughts: what would you love to see from Branch?

Further Reading

What's the story behind Branch?

Branch is an office furniture startup based in New York City. Founded in 2018, we've helped hundreds of thousands of people and teams in the United States and Canada furnish offices they love. Read our story here.

Who leads design at Branch?

Our design team is led by Jesse Menayan, an award-winning industrial designer with 15+ years of experience creating engaging products at companies like Coalesse and Casper. Jesse works with a team of product development, design and quality professionals based in the US, Canada and around the world to launch new products for Branch.

Where can I learn more about ergonomics?

Take a look at our Ergonomics 101 guide to learn more about how to make the most of your office with great posture, workplace design and more.