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7 Unique Office Desk Decor Ideas

The ideal workspace is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Discover unique office desk decor that will elevate your space.

The desk is the starting point of all work projects, important meetings, and ground-breaking ideas. Choosing office accessories and decorations for your desk is part of the recipe for creating a remote or on-person work area that offers support in every way you need.

We’re here to make the process a bit easier for you. Your things should have practical applications — or at least bring a smile whenever you go in for work.

1. An Organizer for Your Desk Accessories and Office Supplies

Dedicated spaces for all our essentials keep us on track, preventing losing time searching for a pen or charger. Cluttered desk space can seriously interrupt creative flow and productivity.

Desk trays and organizers are fantastic for keeping your desk tidy while still looking exceptionally stylish. Have you ever been walking to your car after work only to realize that you left them in your desk drawer? Desk trays can prevent that!

The Desk Caddy may look and function as a toolbox, but it’s so much more. Powder-coated aluminum provides durability and a hint of an industrial design scheme. The white oak handle evokes a touch of fine craftsmanship. With six colorways to choose from vibrant terracotta to crisp linen to soothing moss, this matte caddy meshes seamlessly with any design scheme.

Reminiscent of an artist’s palette, the Desktop Organizer is also crafted from powder-coated aluminum in Grand Haven, Michigan. The pencil cup and tray combo allows for everything to remain in plain sight. Choose between six complementary colors to The Desk Caddy above for a flawless match or two opposing colors for a dynamic yet practical twist.

2. Succulents and Larger Greenery

Plants can help keep your workspace energized yet tranquil. Succulents come in dozens of varieties and require minimal attention.

With the range available, you can hand-pick a succulent with the right colors and size to fit the vibe of your workspace. As long as your office doesn’t get too cold and or get above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you should be fine as long as the plant receives proper care.

Water succulents once a week in the summertime, twice a month in the fall and spring, and once a month in the winter. This can vary depending on your geographic location and climate. The amount of sunlight your particular succulent will need depends on the variant and the time of year.

For those who don’t want to worry about plant care, try a polymer clay succulent: You get the burst of color without having to ask a neighbor or co-worker to water it while you’re on vacation.

Giant indoor plants like the rubber tree, fiddle leaf fig, yucca plant, and more thrive in larger spaces, like corporate or shared offices. They can dramatically elevate your mood and the moods of your coworkers. Who knows? A pop of green may totally transform how you feel about where you work.

3. Ergonomic Office Chairs


Sitting for long stretches of time in a subpar chair can cause discomfort. That’s why we’re reviewing vital ergonomic guidelines.

Investing in a quality ergonomic office chair can reinvigorate your entire workday. Top-quality chairs conform to the natural curvature of the spine and provide support for an upright posture.

Ergonomic chairs encourage the user to keep both feet flat on the floor, the eyes resting at screen level, with the wrists and elbows in the same general line. The knees should extend in a subtle triangle from the hips, with a slight gap between the chair and the back of the knees. To ensure the proper screen height, opt for chairs with multiple points of adjustment and a monitor arm.

4. Desk Mats To Organize Your Desk Space

Desk mats are the far more elevated version of the mouse pad. They offer more room for your computer mouse and help keep your desk organized. Desk pads act as a border that ensures accessories and things don’t take up space where your hands need to work. Plus, they don’t make nearly as much noise as a mouse on a bare desk.

Regular mouse pads can move around on your desk after minimal use and provide very little real estate. A full-sized desk pad can also protect your phone if you’re the kind of person who places your phone face down.

Desk pads like our water-repellent, vegan leather Desk Mat can elevate your working experience and make your desk more aesthetically pleasing. Customize your space with three different sizes and two colors (black and stone), and organize your space with the included magnetic cable holder and a secret note compartment.

5. A Credenza for Home Office Storage


If a desk organizer doesn’t have enough space for you, credenzas have your back. They look reminiscent of entertainment centers typically found in living rooms but are geared toward workspace storage.

A credenza looks remarkably classy in a corporate office and is appealing to the eye. Integrate a credenza into your space by adding decorations, plants, or even a small lamp, making it ideal for home offices that serve multiple purposes.

6. A Freestanding Power Supply With a Vibe

Power supplies should be a cast member of your home office decor too. If you don’t have a desk that can accommodate a power strip on or underneath, there’s a simple fix: A Freestanding Power source might be just what you need.

Or maybe you want something within arm’s reach. An In-Desk Power strip puts five AC outlets and two USB ports right into your standing desk. Ports that are right on your desk are superb for anyone working with a lot of different hardware at any given time: Forget about crawling under your desk to plug and unplug things.

7. The Minimalist Desk Setup

Oftentimes, a blank canvas is more conducive to creativity and concentration than a cluttered space. We want to add things to our workspaces to remind ourselves of our families, hobbies, and interests, but that can create distractions. To quiet the noise, it’s time to clean our desks.

Storing as few things as possible on a desk can help us focus on our work. Minimalist desk setups are far more dynamic in their capabilities.

Go Wireless


To have a functional and aesthetically pleasing minimalist desk, cords and power supplies should be relatively hidden and orderly. Desk shelves can help keep your workspace relatively free from clutter, too.

Wireless keyboards and wireless charging pads do a great job of keeping your desk open and free of wires. They go great with desk shelves that have space for them.


If you have a work studio but don’t want to clutter the wall with decor, the equipment you use can be your decorations. Pegboards, a somewhat more heavy-duty version of the corkboard, can be used for mounting all kinds of equipment.

Rely on a pegboard to store everything from building tools to camera equipment to cooking utensils. These boards allow you to display equipment in a unique way while maintaining that un-cluttered attitude.

Be Flexible

Minimalist office spaces allow us to be more agile and flexible. No matter what industry you’re in, being able to pivot easily to new and daily challenges is critical for success.

Tips for Decorating Your Home Office Desk

Decorating your workspace or gaming hub is an opportunity to have fun and be creative. There are many different themes and items to choose from, with endless configuration options. Your workspace should inspire you to be your best every day.

Stick to Synchronous Materials

A cohesive and calm environment can help with concentration. Not everything has to match in your home office perfectly, but it helps to stick with maybe two to three distinct colors and materials.

Wood is a wonderful material to work with. It’s warm and inviting, and each piece has a unique coloration and grain. Wood is also easy to contrast with other brighter shades and even darker neutrals like blacks.

Maintain a Consistent Color Scheme

Generally, it’s simpler to decorate when you stick with no more than three featured colors. These colors should complement each other and should not clash. Check the color wheel or use your personal favorite picks; the most important thing is that you find the space calming.

Plan Out Lighting

Natural lighting is ideal for home offices and can be supplemented with warm lighting for an all-hours work area. Bay windows are the ultimate source of stunning natural light; windows facing east will allow you to watch the sunrise, and westward-facing windows offer a glimpse of the “golden hour.”

Lighting fixtures like scones and tall lamps bring light upward, making even lower ceilings seem grand. If possible, integrate these into a smart device so you can control your lighting with a click.

Make Your Desk Look Its Best

Your desk is a playground for the imagination. Think about the things you put there: How will they either make you happy or help you focus?

Office furniture boosts us physically and emotionally — when we love our space, and it supports us in turn, we are ready to take on anything the day has in store.



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