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What Are the Benefits of a Desk Treadmill?

Looking to take your standing desk setup to the next level? Consider investing in a desk treadmill to keep you moving and improve your efficiency at work.

Studies have proven, time and time again, that sitting all day creates a number of mental and physical health risks. To mitigate these risks, experts suggest incorporating standing into your workday to both feel better and improve your productivity.
Something that is easy to implement into your workspace and incredibly impactful with its support is a standing desk.
In fact, when National Health Service staff upgraded to sit-stand workspaces, which reduced their sitting duration by 80 minutes per day in 2018, there were increased reports of stronger work engagement and eased strain on bodies.
Looking to take your standing desk setup to the next level? Consider investing in a desk treadmill to keep you moving and improve your efficiency at work.

What is a Desk Treadmill?


A desk treadmill comes in various options that you can use while you work–for either sitting or standing. For example, it can have a small platform that moves your feet while seated to simulate the feeling of walking on flat ground without disrupting your work session.


Make Sure You Have a Compatible Standing Desk

So, ergonomic compatibility is a significant factor to consider when finding the right standing desk for your treadmill. Our Standing Desk allows you to find and save the perfect height through its centimeter-level adjustment panel. This design makes it compatible for use with a desk treadmill or any other equipment to energize your workday with healthy movement.

Break Up Long Sitting Periods with Movement

The Mayo Clinic recommends taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes to help reduce the negative effects of prolonged physical inactivity on mental health.
If you work at your computer all day, sitting for long periods of time will lead to back pain. Incorporating a desk treadmill for light walking will help reduce the tension in your neck and lower back areas while still allowing enough room for typing comfortably.
You may also notice that when you stand up after sitting for a long time, your legs feel heavy. This is because blood flow to the muscles of your lower body has been reduced while you were seated. A desk treadmill can help you revive blood flow to your lower body as you’re working, so that you don't need to take long breaks from a busy workday.

Exercising While Working Improves Focus

When you exercise while working, you can boost your productivity in a number of ways. You'll be more focused on the task at hand, stay awake and alert throughout the day, work longer without feeling drained from fatigue, get more done in less time.
It's also been shown to help people be more creative and more effective in their work.
Exercise makes you feel good while increasing energy levels, which will help you stay focused for longer periods of time. This can also have long-term effects of improving sleep quality and reducing high levels of stress.
The best part is that the benefits of a desk treadmill can be felt right away: there's no learning curve to using the machine, so it's easy to start using one at your desk right away!

It Can Help You Reach Your Health Goals

One of the most important benefits of a desk treadmill is that it can encourage you to exercise more. This can be especially helpful for people who don't have time to exercise outside of work, or who don't have access to an exercise routine outside of work.
To make things even better: some treadmills have additional features that help with weight loss goals such as inclines or resistance levels so users can get an increased workout.
  • If you walk slowly and steadily for one hour at about 1 mph (0.6 m/s), it will burn about 100 calories for someone weighing 160 pounds (72 kg). If they can increase their speed to 1.5 mph (0.8 m/s), they'll burn up to 150 calories per hour.


Once you find a pace that works for you, you can enjoy the benefits of being able to workout in your office as it keeps you motivated during your workflow and on track with your fitness goals.  

Ready to Enhance Your Work From Home Experience?

Desk treadmills are great companions to standing desks as they allow you to maintain a healthy posture while working and get in some movement without disrupting your workday.
If you’re someone looking for an easy way to incorporate more exercise into your day and improve your overall health, we encourage you to look into different desk treadmill options that suit your priorities and preferences.
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